What Sets the 2018 Honda Ridgeline Apart


Here at Price Honda in Dover, we know that our Middletown customers have a lot of options available to them when shopping for a versatile pickup truck. But, we also know that our very own 2018 Honda Ridgeline is unlike any other pickup truck for a number of reasons.

The 2018 Honda Ridgeline is a stylish and gorgeous truck. It follows on the heels of last year's 2017 Honda Ridgeline, which featured a dramatic makeover and redesign.

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Four Reasons to Love the 2017 Honda Civic Available near Middletown


Every car, truck, and SUV Honda makes is reliable, well-made, and worthy of a lot of attention. However, when it comes to small, versatile models that suit a variety of needs, it's tough to beat the 2017 Honda Civic.

Here at Price Honda in Dover, we like the 2017 Honda Civic for our Middletown customers for dozens of reasons. While we can't list them all here, we have gone ahead and made our top four list of reasons why you would love this steadfast and true car from Honda.

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Classy 2017 Honda Accord Available in Dover


Here at Price Honda in Dover, we're big fans of the entire lineup of well-crafted Honda vehicles. They're safe, stylish, and reliable, and we're proud to recommend them to our customers throughout the Middletown area.

When our Middletown car shoppers ask for a luxurious and spacious, comfortable, mid-sized sedan, we always suggest the Honda Accord.

We have a wonderful selection of brand new 2017 Honda Accord models available on our new car lot right now. Our collection includes a number of 2017 Honda Accord trims, and they all come with terrific features and Honda quality.

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Upcoming 2018 Honda Accord to benefit from turbocharging

We are a mere day away from the official reveal of the latest Honda Accord, slated to make its big debut on July 14. This full-size sedan promises to offer more potent power, improved styling, and an edgier character. The upcoming 2018 Honda Accord marks the vehicle's tenth generation, having hit the market back in 1976 as more of a compact car. We're glad to see the Accord grew into its skin, becoming the spacious and affordably luxurious family sedan we know today.


The upcoming 2018 Accord receives which a few tweaks to its powertrain. The roster consists…

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Civic vs Corolla -- Which petite powerhouse comes out on top?

Are compact cars ever out of style? This is another wildly popular segment, highly contested by nearly every automaker that doesn't sell solely SUVs or trucks. They're just so practical. An affordable price, plenty of creature comforts, versatile fold-flat seating, thrifty performance -- and best yet, they're easy to park.

If you're in the market for a value-packed vehicle, and you're unsure which petite powerhouse is right for you, consider the Honda Civic. The Civic offers more sportiness, practicality, and value than the average econobox -- and it's also no econobox. (Have you seen

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How the 2017 Honda CR-V stands out from the compact-crossover crowd

The compact crossover segment is a highly contested one these days. It's easy to see why it's so popular -- and why so many manufacturers want to have a player in the game. Their svelte shape makes them easy to maneuver and merge, sort of like a car. And they have plentiful family-car creature comforts. But they offer more utility than a sedan, boasting SUV-like ride height, available all-wheel drive, a handy hatchback design, and a cavernous interior.


So, how do you choose with model is right for you? Well, the new Honda CR-V adds superior craftsmanship, reliability, affordability…

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How Honda gives the CR-V a boost for 2017

As if Middletown drivers needed another good reason to check out the new Honda CR-V. But that's just what Honda is giving consumers with its 2017 redesign.


This compact crossover SUV is a staple in American driveways due to its exceptional reliability, versatility, spaciousness, and comfort. Even when the Honda CR-V debuted back in 1997, it was a hit despite SUV sales before far outweighed by sedan sales at the time. Return to 2017, and you'll see this petite powerhouse is still making strides past its competitors. The biggest news is that the 2017 Honda CR-V can now…

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Have you met the newest members of the Honda Civic family yet?

The new Honda Civic isn't so much a new vehicle as it is a new family of vehicles. If you like the thrifty performance, comfortable ride, tech-savvy design, and spacious cabin of the Civic sedan, but you're looking for something a bit edgier, you're going to love what the 2017 lineup is bringing to the table.


Honda introduces the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback, Civic Si, and Civic Type R to an already solid sedan and coupe lineup. While the hatchback -- which is out now -- essentially offers the same setup at the Civic sedan, just in a more…

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What's so special about the Honda Accord?

If you're looking for a well-rounded, spacious vehicle, hone in your search on the affordable midsize sedan segment. These cars are spacious without being cavernous, well-equipped without being expensive, and comfortable without uninspiring performance. But which midsize sedan should you choose? There are a lot of options on the market, but a Delaware favorite is the Honda Accord.


This vehicle scores highly in every category -- potent performance, sporty handling, comfortable ride, high-tech features, upscale materials and much more. The 2017 model is largely a carryover from the

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How to find a high-quality used car for less in Delaware

Shopping for used cars in Delaware can be an overwhelming experience. Online listings, newspaper ads, neighborhood "For Sale" signs -- who can you trust to sell you a reliable, safe, and long-lasting used car? Stick with a name that Dover trusts for new and used Honda vehicles, Price Honda, and you can rest assured that you're investing in a vehicle that will last you for the long haul without costing you a pretty penny.


We call our bargain buys our 4 Good Wheels inventory, and these are used cars priced under $10K. We offer a variety of makes, models, body…

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