Service & Parts vs. the Competition

Our PriceFirestoneValvolinePep-BoysMartel's Foreign CarSears Auto Center
Oil Change OW20$41.95
Synthetic Blend
Full Synthetic
Synthetic Blend
Full Synthetic
Full Synthetic
Full Synthetic
Full Synthetic
Tire Rotation & Balance$49.00$50.00$25.99
(no balance)
Wheel Alignment$84.95$192.00Service not provided$98.98Service not provided$89.99
Front Brake Replacement$229.95 Includes Resurfacing$190.67 Includes ResurfacingService not provided$285.96
$195.00 Includes Resurfacing$212.00 Includes Resurfacing
*Dealership responsible for collection of competitive prices. Survey completed March 2018 based on 2014 Honda Accord V6

Expert Service and Competitive Prices - What More Could You Want?

At Price Honda in Dover, we want to be there for you through the lifetime of your car. That's why we offer professional maintenance and service, and it's why we make sure to offer some of the best pricing on services around.

Take a look at the above graph. As you can see, the service center at Price Honda not only performs all of the same services as some of your local neighborhood garages, most of those services also come with a significant price break from those other businesses.

From oil changes to tire rotations to brake replacements, the service center here at Price Honda can be counted on to either have a similar price, or a money-saving value.

Getting Your Car Serviced at Price Honda

You might be wondering, if all these other garages perform the same tasks as the service center at Price Honda, why should you come back to the dealer for your service needs at all?

Well, the answer is in the training and the parts. At Price Honda, all of our service technicians are trained and certified on Honda models. They know Honda-made cars better than general garages, because they specialize in them.

Plus, the service center here at Price Honda only uses genuine manufacturer parts in repairs and replacements. This is important because it means the parts were designed and created specifically for your Honda model, and with the same attention to detail and quality as the rest of your car.

Visiting the Service Center at Price Honda

Ready to see our Price Honda service center expertise and competitive pricing in action? It's easy. With our convenient, online service scheduler, you pick the date and time for your service, and we'll work with your schedule.

From the routine oil changes to the more in-depth repairs, we here at Price Honda's service center want your car to run well and last a long time.