Civic vs Corolla -- Which petite powerhouse comes out on top?

Are compact cars ever out of style? This is another wildly popular segment, highly contested by nearly every automaker that doesn't sell solely SUVs or trucks. They're just so practical. An affordable price, plenty of creature comforts, versatile fold-flat seating, thrifty performance -- and best yet, they're easy to park.

If you're in the market for a value-packed vehicle, and you're unsure which petite powerhouse is right for you, consider the Honda Civic. The Civic offers more sportiness, practicality, and value than the average econobox -- and it's also no econobox. (Have you seen the Civic Type R?).


Simply skim through the quick comparison below to see how to Civic stands out from its small-sedan rivals, like the Corolla:


The 2017 Honda Civic versus the 2017 Nissan Toyota Corolla

  • More eager acceleration that physically sets it apart from the Corolla
  • Available hatchback and coupe variants, versus the sedan-only Corolla
  • More potent power with both 2.0-liter four-cylinder and turbocharged 1.5-liter engines, versus the Corolla's one engine option
  • Wider than Corolla, for more cargo space as well as front and rear shoulder/hip room

But don't just let the facts speak for themselves. Put them to the test by taking your favorite Civic for a test drive, here at Price Honda in Dover. We always have a wide variety of Civic models to choose from because not only is it one of our most popular vehicles, but there are also so many configurations to choose from. Just drop by the dealership at your leisure to put the wheels of your new Civic purchase in motion.

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