Do you really need all-wheel drive in Dover, Delaware?

The benefits of all-wheel drive (AWD) aren't a myth. You really do get better traction and stability when power is sent to all four wheels rather than just a select two. You've probably heard that AWD is only necessary in areas that see inclement winter weather. Bad news -- that's us. Dover, Delaware sees ice, snow, slush, freezing rain, frigid temperatures, and all of the ugliness that is the Northeast in January. But how does AWD really help when the going gets tough?


For instance, if two wheels are stuck in snow or slipping on ice, power is still being sent to the two wheels with traction, and they can help you get out of a sticky, snowy situation. AWD is an asset when trying to get going from a stop sign or red light, or when traveling up a snowy hill. AWD can also increase your vehicle's resale value where AWD is popular, like here in Delaware. You'll also have the peace of mind knowing that even in an emergency during inclement winter weather, you can avert a crisis with a go-anywhere AWD vehicle.


There are many Honda vehicles that can come equipped with AWD, including a wide variation in crossovers. The Honda HR-V subcompact crossover, Honda CR-V small crossover, and Honda Pilot family crossover SUV can all come outfitted in AWD. The tailgate-ready Ridgeline offers AWD as well. Whether you're shopping for something urban-friendly and fuel-frugal or ultra-capable and spacious, the Honda AWD vehicle lineup can meet all of your needs.


We invite you to visit the Price Honda showroom to experience the AWD difference for yourself. Just drop by the dealership at your convenience for a test drive. Our team of automotive experts can also further explain the benefits of AWD. We look forward to helping you stay grounded this and every winter.

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