Prep your Honda for Dover winter with these winter service tips

Not a fan of winter driving? Maybe it's because your car isn't prepared for cold, wet weather -- something we see a lot of here in Dover, DE. By following some simple winter service tips, you can improve the performance of your vehicle and prep it for withstanding the test of Mother Nature.

Here's a quick winter-service checklist. You owner's manual also contains model-specific service schedules, so be sure to consult your glove box for more recommendations:

  • Keep up with regular oil and filter changes.
  • Address unusual braking noises.
  • Replace all-season or summer tires with winter tires.
  • Flush the cooling system.
  • Check the battery.
  • Inspect defroster and heater.
  • Replace wiper blades with winter-specific, rubber-clad blades.
  • Always carry an emergency kit.

The certified Honda service center at Price Honda is fully equipped to handle you winter car care needs. You can schedule service from any electronic device, or by reaching out to our service advisors at 302-526-1961. It's not too late to protect yourself against winter car damage. Stop by and see us soon.

For more ways to get your car winter-weather ready, check out the video how-to below from car-care expert Lauren Fix:

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